give me a letter and i’ll tell you my 5 favourite blogs starting with that letter

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((Results from the Munday Nyotalia stream))


He was stressed, bored and completely pissed off at a lot of people not to mention at himself, so of course he did the only thing he could ever think to do whenever he was about to blow up: he went to a bar to drown it all out in alcohol.

He was halfway on his drinking quest when he sensed more than saw or heard someone sitting on the stool next to him, but he payed them no mind. he didn’t know if it was a stranger or a known face but he didn’t mind.

It wasn’t so hard to track Gilbert down when she couldn’t find him home.

Surprisingly enough, there was just a few bars open that late around their house, and even less so that served “actual real beer”. She only had to check one other before finding him moping on a corner of the counter, alone except by the bartender.

She walked over to him, hand hovering for one second over his shoulder, just barely touching him before she thought it through and settled for sitting on the stool near his instead. Getting a fix for herself while at it, too, and waiting.

He’d talk if he wanted to; and if not she’d at least make sure he went back home.

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"Stormtroopers" was the name the Germans gave to the Canadian Expeditionary Force (Canada’s army in WW1) after they captured Vimy Ridge, a German position that France and Britain had tried to capture multiple times, in about an hour. 

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oh hey i almost forgot about this nyo canada i drew during a livestream with krees, aaaaa, thank you krees for the suggestion

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who we imagine to be future bafta award winners: freya mavor [x]

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Freya Mavor in Sunshine On Leith

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Gotta catch 'm all







The first three all can be bought in Game Corners (basically Pokémon cassino). The last two might or might not have been gifts, the Flygon is both hard to come across and shiny (probably also bred with the best moves and everything).