[Looks to behind] Uh, well, Gilbert was playing videogame so I suppose not? [approaches, looking to the motorcycle] Wow, this is so cool! I wanted a motorcycle too.. [sighs]

So, where are we going?

Good, good. [ Narrow eyes, looking over Julia’s shoulder with mocked concentration, before shrugging and offering her one of the two helmets she was holding ] — Do you like it? [ Smirks ] That’s my baby doll! I have her for almost thirty years now. [ Fondly pats the leather seat ]

I don’t know. I thought we could roll around a bit, maybe go shopping. Do some stuff.

[Julia picked the helmet, looking to it and putting on the head] Yeah, it’s awesome! [giggles because the feeling of wearing a motorcycle helmet is kinda fun] 

Hmm… go shopping seems interesting [smiles] Yea, It will be fun..

[ She keeps smiling while putting her own helmet, and doesn’t stops once her face is covered by it. ] Well, then! [ Clasps her hands together, moving to sit on the bike, tapping the leather bench behind her. ]

Hop in! There’s anywhere you’d like to go?